Best of the Beaches (Editor's Choice)

With more than 330 islands and countless tiny sand-spits, how could one pick the top few beaches of Fiji. The Mamanuca and Yasawa Groups has been rumored to have more of the best beaches to be found anywhere in Fiji. However this area is not known for the best diving so we had to look elsewhere for the best beaches close to the best diving.

Viti Levu

Pacific Harbor has a very long beach with spectular sunsets. If you are lucky to walk the beach after a rain storm you will be treated to an amazing show of clouds and colors.

Vanua Levu

Although the beach infront of Cousteau Fiji Island Resort is very nice, the tiny island which is owned by the resort is typical of the hundreds of small uninhabited islands. You can sign-up for the island for the day and experience what it is like to be deserted in paradise. It is easily reached by kayak and provides an excellent location to watch the setting sun.

Taveuni Area

One of the best beaches in all of Fiji is located infront of Rainbow Reef Resort. Extremely clean fine white sand extends into the water lined by coconut palms. In fact, the beach was one of the principal reasons why the resort was located there.


Kadavu has some excellent long stretches of beach fringed with coconut palms on its westernside. Jona's Paradisce Resort on Ono Island has a very nice beach. Kayaking around Ono Island one can find several deserted beaches. Waisalima Beach, acrosss from Jona's, is a white sandy beach more than one-half mile long.

Tell us your pick for the best beach in Fiji.