Hiking & Waterfalls

With over 300 islands there are countless opportunities for hiking or at least an afternoon walk after diving. Each of the three large islands offer hiking and waterfall tours, guided and self-guided. Many remote villages are linked by trails which are kept clear. Some small islands can be circumvented in a few hours. Fiji has no leeches or crocodiles, and wild streams and brooks are crystal clear, unpolluted and wondrous to hike.

Viti Levu is the largest of Fijian islands and has many interesting hikes with spectacular waterfalls. If you have the time and the interest to venture far from civilization, the two-day Sigatoka River Trek takes you down the Sigatoka Valley from Nadarivatu. The river, the second longest in Fiji, flows past the town of Sigatoka, some 90 miles east of the Nadi along the Coral Coast. Also you can be guided to Savu na Mate Laya waterfall believed to be the swimming place of the famous spirit gods. The "Twins" cascades down 120 feet to a pool where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the tranquillity of ancient trees and lush tropical surroundings.

Closer to Nadi, hike the famous Mount Batilamu trek. This two and half day guided trek includes experiencing traditional Fijian village lifestyle, in the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park.

The Garden Island of Taveuni is known for the best hikes and waterfalls anywhere in Fiji. A challenging hike is to Lake Tagimaucia named after the brillliant red flower that only grows in the cool highlands. It is an all-day hike and a guide is necessary as the trails can be confusing. An easier hike is the Lavena Coastal Walk. You can hike the Ravilevo Coast to Wainibau Falls in under 2 hours.

One of the most famous hikes is to the sacred Bouma Falls. It was also the scene of the motion picture Return to the Blue Lagoon. Bouma has three impressive drops each requiring a hike. The second leap (pictured above) is a good climb but well worth the effort.