Swiss Fiji Divers of Taveuni

The Swiss Fiji Divers PADI dive center is owned and personally operated by Dominique Egerter and Evi Antonietti. The center has been set up to meet the highest world standards and uses only best dive equipment and rental gear. This is the only dive center in the Fiji Islands equipped with a broadcast quality video production unit for any production above or below water. Dive boats were specially built for diving and offer plenty of room for gearing up.

EGI ONE is a 36-foot (12-meter) aluminium catamaran powered by two inboard engines with jets (no propellers). There is a toilet and a small galley. EGI is well equipped for the underwater photographer. It also supports live video and underwater communications used during their marine biology courses.

The large covered dive deck has plenty of room for 12 divers and all their dive gear. A fresh water shower is provided on board. Their boats are equipped with radio, echo sounder and GPS. They also carry a full set of professional safety and rescue equipment including a DAN oxygen kit.

The ratio of divemasters to divers is never more than 4-to-1 and often there are nearly as many divemasters in the water as divers. Dominique has provided his staff with the best equipment available. The bright blue 5-mil divesuits are not only for the comfort of the divemasters but also improve the safety of the dive. At times, the divemasters are better dressed than the divers! (Of course the new 5-mil wetsuits are available to be rented.)
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The best facilities on Taveuni
Swiss Fiji Divers is located at Maravu's beach and offers diving with two boats. In addition to the 38-foot aluminum catamaran, a 26-foot (8-meter) aluminum half cabin boat powered by outboard engines is available for up to 8 divers.

The PADI dive center provides basic, advanced and Nitrox training. Nitrox is available on every dive. The rental gear is only the best with dive computers a must. All dives are guided by professional divemasters and/or dive instructors. English, German and French dive briefings are available. The Aluminium Catamaran has a galley and toilet. The large covered dive deck is important, especially in the strong Fijian sun.

Simply step off the platform to enter the water. A wide ladder makes reboarding just as easy. Staff is there to assist in every step. Back on board the boat enjoy dry towels, coffee, tea, juices, cookies, fruit and plenty of fresh rinse water.

Swiss Fiji Divers is a member of the Fiji Dive Operators Association (FDOA).
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Dive the Soft Corals of Taveuni
Dive the amazing Rainbow Reef including The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Ledge, The Zoo, The Fish Factory and many others. All these dive sites are just a comfortable boat ride from the Swiss Fiji Divers dive shop.

Dominique and his dive masters have rated the top dive sites. Timing with the tides is essential to ensure the best diving experience. With too much current, it is difficult to linger along the walls. Too little current and the soft corals are not fully opened. With great diversity and brilliant colors, it is not uncommon for divers to request the same dive sites over and over again.

Choose from a selection of the Top 10 Rainbow Reef divesites:
#1 - Great White Wall
#2 - The Zoo
#3 - Jerry's Jelly
#4 - Annie's Bommies
#5 - Pot Luck
#6 - Small White Wall
#7 - Blue Ribbon Eel
#8 - Yellow Tunnel
#9 - Fish Factory
#10- The Ledge
Swim through a coral-covered cave to emerge at 80 feet along The Great White Wall and watch as the dense growth of white soft coral cast an iridescent lavender glow below. After the first pass, you want to do it again. Blue Ribbon Eel Reef has several resident eels both adult and the black juvenile. Search the other dive sites for various pipefish including the striped, ghost and Murphy's pipe. Seahorses are sometimes found. Overheard, schools of longfin bannerfish are often seen.

The best season for visibility is April through August. Soft corals are seen all year and are best viewed with the dying and starting current. Get lucky and see pilot whales and maybe mantas. Big animals such as sharks, barracuda, bigeye jacks and eagle rays can sometimes be seen at The Zoo. If you are extremely lucky, you might get to see the shy but very large bull sharks.
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Fiji Special Diving Packages
Uncommon Adventures specializes in remote dive and adventure travel to the most intriguing and appealing destinations on the planet.

Let Uncommon Adventures and MyScubaGuide create a unique scuba diving adventure that takes you to the brilliant soft corals of Fiji's Somosomo Straits and the beautiful garden island of Taveuni.
Choose from any of the three specials below. Special group rates and charters are available.

TAVEUNI (Swiss Fiji Divers) -- 2 For 1 Open Water Diver Course -- One person takes OWD course and a family member or partner receives a free course. This includes: equipment, pool lessons, academics, 4 open-water dives, certification (fees extra, OWD book is not included) US $410.00 (US $380.00 plus US $30.00 certification fees) Valid: January through April 2002.

TAVEUNI (Swiss Fiji Divers) -- FREE PADI Advanced Diver Course with 5-day dive package -- Includes 5 days diving (2 morning dives) incl. tanks, weights, boat, diveguide, academics and dives for AOWD, certification (fees extra). US $470.00 (US $440.00 plus US $30.00 certification fees) Valid: January through March 2002.

TAVEUNI (Swiss Fiji Divers) -- FREE Nitrox Course with 5-day dive package -- Includes: 5 days diving (2 morning dives) with tanks, weights, boat, diveguide, lessons in Nitrox (TDI or PADI), 2 Nitrox dives, 4 two-tank dives air, certification (fees extra). US $470.00 (US $440.00 plus US $30.00 certification fees) Valid: February through March 2002.

For more information or to arrange trips, contact James Harlan at 888-390-9675 or email: Tell Jim that Robert sent you.