Travel to Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands is located nearly all the way to Australia from Los Angeles in the South Pacific. It can also be reached from Vancouver, Canada via Honolulu Hawaii. Air Pacific also has service routes from Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are possible.

Fiji Islands are also connected to several South Pacific islands including Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and the Solomons. There are in conjunction with partners airlines such a Air Vanuatu and Solomon Airlines. Air Pacific Airlines has partnerships with American and Qantas Airlines. While this may seem to be an advantage as more routing options may be available, this also leads to increased loads.

Travel from the West Coast of the United States is primarily from Los Angeles. Luggage weight restriction may apply especially on inter-island flights.

In today's world of travel, heightened airport security continues to cause travelers difficulty. The airlines request up to 3 hours advance check-in for international flights. This will cause long connection times adding to travel times. If you must use a domestic connection to your international gateway airport, choose a carrier with a luggage agreement with Air Pacific. This will allow you to endure the inconvenience of having your bags and all your dive and photographic equipment only torn-apart once.

If you are carrying large amounts of dive and camera gear, give the domestic carrier more time to tear your bags apart. Carry-on as much has you can handle and do not check cameras and computers. Equipment insurance is essential but does not help with lost opportunity.