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French Polynesia is made of five major island groups: The Society Islands, Tuamotu Atolls, Gambiers, Australs and the Marquesas Islands. The Marquesas lay over 1,000 miles to the north, halfway between the island of Tahiti and the Hawaiian Islands. Society Islands, Tuamotus, and Marquesas have established dive operators and are the principal destination for tourist divers.
The Society Islands
The Society Islands are the most popular and most-visited area of French Polynesia. Destinations include the main island of Tahiti with its near-attached Tahiti Iti, and the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora. All three areas are covered in this guide. Huahine and Raiatea also offer some hotel-based diving and will be included in future editions.
The Tuamotu Atolls
The Tuamotu Islands consist of 76 coral islands and atolls many of which are only 10 feet above sea level. The dive guide covers the two most popular destinations, Rangiroa and Manihi and the recently developed, Fakarava. Rangiroa has the largest lagoon, Manihi has some of the clearest waters and Fakarava offers a remote diving experience.
Marquesas Islands
Nuku Hiva is the largest island in the Marquesas and second only to the island of Tahiti. Isolated nearly 1,000 miles out into the Pacific, the Marquesas are a group of islands with their own culture and history. With only 2,400 inhabitants, high mountains, long valleys and isolated bays, Nuku Hiva is one of French Polynesia's most remote adventures. Hiva Oa is also reported on although it lacks diving facilities.