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Manihi Pearl Beach Resort
Tuamotu, French Polynesia
The place to stay while diving in Manihi is the Pearl Beach Hotel. All of the beach and overwater bungalows are designed for maximum enjoyment and walking ease to both the restaurant and dive shop. There is even black pearl shopping to fill the time between dives and meals.

All the traditional water sports such as canoes, fishing and snorkeling are offered in addition to world-class scuba diving. Manihi Blue Nui offers some of the best diving in the world. Gilles Petre and the other divemasters know the spots whether full of schools of Snapper, Grouper, Manta rays, or sharks.

Manihi offers three types of dives: the lagoon, the reefs that ring the island and the lagoon mouth drift dive. Each of these affords a different type of experience. The lagoons are home to sponges, oysters and shells such as lamis, terebra and mitra.

Fish include damselfish, chromis, surgeonfish, groupers, butterflyfish. Also oldierfish,. Parrotfish, bluejacks, long-nosed emperors, rays and sharks. Not only is this lodge one of the best but the diving tops my list of French Polynesia dive locations.

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Nuku Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge
Marquesas, French Polynesia
The Nuhu Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge overlooks the bay and village of Taiohae with a nearly-black sand beach below. The 20 bungalows sit upon a hill with panoramic views of the bay and village. Local artwork adorns each bungalow with all the comforts afforded by the best hotels.

In addition to diving, Nuhu Hiva affords many opportunities for land and cultural experiences. The all day 4-wheel drive excursion to Anaho on the north side of the island passes waterfalls and sweeping vistas. The beach at Anaho is not to be missed as the towering rocks overhead creates a long lost sense of primitive existence. Lobster at the local restaurant and a visit to one of the important archeological sites completes the day.

Other excursions are available such as a two-hour hike to one of the world's largest waterfalls near Hakaui. Boat and horse trips reach areas not possible even by four-wheel drive vehicles. Do not forget to visit the museum, where Rose, the curator, will give you a personal tour.
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Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Lodge
Marquesas, French Polynesia

The Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Lodge faces Mount Temetiu (3903 feet) with views of Bordelais canal and harbor, the small village of Hanakee and the volcanic island of Tahuata in the center of Traitors Bay. Each of the 20 bungalows (identical to Huku Hiva) were decorated individually by local artists. All feature an outdoor terrace with spectacular panoramas.

The island is also known as the place where Paul Gauguin, one of the most famous French painters, lived and died. The Gauguin Museum features copies of many of his works and a tour of his grave is full of interesting historical facts. An island festival is planned in 2003 marking 100 years since his death. The well known Belgian singer Jacques Brel is also buried in the Atuona Cemetery.

The island has several points of interest including archeological sites with Polynesia's tallest tiki. Close to the town of Atuona in the Tahauku valley is Hakaua, a nine-story fortress made from massive stones with a huge ancient carved megalith.

One of my favorite highlights of the lodge is the swimming pool that commands sweeping vistas of Mount Temetiu and the island below. Sip exotic drinks and relax overlooking an island that has changed little in the last hundred years.
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Other Exciting Locations
The Pearl Beach Resorts offer five other exciting destinations with the same excellent surroundings, accommodations, food and service.

At the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort you can discover the sparkling magic of the lagoon, admire the awe-inspiring Mount Otemanu while luxuriating in the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings. Enjoy the gentle beauty and welcoming spirit of the five-star Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort.
Tucked away in a small bay on the island of Huahine, in Tahiti's Leeward Islands, you will find the Te Tiare Beach Resort, accessible only by boat from the main village of Fare. Discover the untouched island of Huahine and escape to the Ultimate South Pacific Hideaway.
Raiatea, the sacred island, was considered to be the very cradle of Polynesian civilization (Havai'i) by her ancestors; the geographical heart of the ma'ohi culture (forming Hawaii-New Zealand-Easter island); and the birthplace of the god Oro (god of fertility and of war).
The newest Pearl is the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. Discover the Tuamotu on this enticing tropical paradise located on secluded white sandy beaches fringed with palms.

On April 11, 1789, Aitutaki was discovered by Captain William Bligh just before the Mutiny of the Bounty incident. Now 200 years later, as a descendent of the Fletcher Christian family, the Aitutaki Pearl Beach Resort manager welcomes you to experience a special place in the Cook Islands.
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