Other Important Facts

It is warm and humid year-round with an average temperature of 28C; water temperatures average 26-28C. September to December tend to be the drier months and better months for diving. Dress is causal and lightweight except in the Highlands where a sweater is recommended for cool evenings.
English is spoken throughout Papua New Guinea, with many of the locals also speaking PNG pidgin.
A course of anti-malarial medication is recommended to start before your holiday and continue after your return. Most U.S. doctors will prescribe Lariam but is known to have many side-effects. The anti-biotic Doxycycline is a viable substitute while in insect-
Papua New Guinea dollars are called kina ('keen-ah') and are divided in 100 toea ('toy-ah'). Both names come from traditional shell money. The K20 note features an illustration of the most valuable of all village animals, the pig. The bank in the Port Moresby airport will exchange foreign currency and traveler checks. Only exchange the amount you plan to spend before you leave as it is difficult to convert Kinas outside the country.