Papua New Guinea

Situated just below the equator in the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea is one of the top dive locations in the world. The best way to experience this underwater world is to dive off live-aboards, which are able to access even the furthest reaches of the islands. Many dive destinations around the world offer sheer walls, drift dives, large pelagics and colorful soft coral growths. But it is Papua New Guinea where the adventure is enhanced by the excitement of diving so far from civilization.

Papua New Guinea is located north of Australia at around 6 degrees below the equator. The best diving surrounding New Britain Islands in the Bismarck Sea and in the Huron Gulf off Lae. Port Moresby is the major city and site of the international airport.

About This Guide
The Papua New Guinea Dive and Destination Guide was the first interactive guide to be created as part of ON-THE-EDGE Magazine. After extensive field work to sample the best diving PNG has to offer from live-aboards, our staff assembled this interactive tool. Although we have gone on to expand the guides, the first effort still affords valuable information on one of if not the top dive destination in the world.